• Age Criteria
  • JRI & JR II As age on  1st April and JR-III on wards as on 1st July 
    Classes Age
    Jr-I 2y 6m – 3y 6m
    Jr-II 3y 6m – 4y 6m
    Jr-III 4y 6m – 5y 6m
    C-I 5y 6m – 6y 6m
    C-II 6y 6m – 7y 6m
    C-III 7y 6m – 8y 6m
    C-IV 8y 6m – 9y 6m
    C-V 9y 6m – 10y 6m
    C-VI 10y 6m – 11y 6m
    C-VII 11y 6m – 12y 6m
    C-VIII (SSC) 12y 6m – 13y 6m
    C-VIII (CAMB) 12y 6m – 13y 6m
    C-IX (CAMB) 13y 6m – 14y 6m

In order to be eligible for admission the interview score shall be minimum 60% and the merit list will be prepared on the basis of the aggregate percentage of admission test and interview.