The following policy guidelines are hereby laid down for new admissions for new Academic Session, which shall be followed by the school management.

For the new academic session, admissions shall be taken in all classes on vacancies determined every year, as per the following criteria:


  1. Age Limit


The admissions will be granted as per the age criteria laid down in the Admission Criteria documents, however, a maximum of one month relaxation in age limit prescribed above can be allowed, in case of both under age and over age children, provided the child passes the entry test and interview for the class in which admission is sought.



  1. Admission Test and Interview


Admission shall be granted purely on “MERIT” on the basis of qualifying the admission test and / or interview.


Jr-I & Jr-II


  1. For Jr-I and Jr-II, the admission, will be granted solely on the basis of interview of the parents. However, oral test for Jr-II would be taken to check knowledge, confidence and understanding of the child; for Class Jr-I a small interactive session of the child would be held with the teachers during interview of parents to check his/her confidence and reflexes. Both interviews will be markedin a marking grid for both parents andchild; however, for both Jr-I and Jr-.II points scoredby child during interviewwill not be considered for his/her selection.




  1. For Jr-III a comprehensive written admission test of four basic subjects (English, Urdu, Math and Islamiat) will be taken. The child would also be asked questions on general knowledge. In addition, interview of parents would also be conducted along with the ward, where basic knowledge of Montessorimaterial will also be tested and will be marked in interview grid. No Nazra Exam for Jr-lll will be taken.


Primary and Senior


  1. For Primary and Senior classes, admission will be granted on the basis of admission test (comprising of basic subjects, i.e., English, Urdu, Math, Nazra test and Islamiat test) and interview of the parents along with the ward.


  1. If a child fails to clear the entry test, a re-test may be allowed on request of the parents. There is an additional fee for the test. However, this option will depend on availability of seats in the desired class.





  1. Second chance of the re-test will only be given on approval by Principal on the basis of following criteria:


  • More than 10% seats available in respective class
  • Sibling(s) already studying at Al-HadiAcademy
  • If the student is a child of a staff member
  • If the child has marginally failed in the first re-test with more than 25%


If the child fails in Quran (Primary and Senior Section)



If the child clears all the papers of admission test with average marks and fails only in Quran, he/she may be considered for admission provided he/she secured at least 25% marks in Quran; and subject to furnishing of undertaking by the parents must also:


Before Session

a)    The parents would prepare the child for the re-test of Quran which has to be taken subsequently, to be specified at the time of undertaking on the basis of time remaining before start of session.


During the session

a)    Quran undertaking will also be given with again time slot of one month for taking re-test of Quran.


b)    If the child fails to clear the re-test, then he/she must attend Quran remedial classes (fees will apply) to be arranged in June/July.


c)    After the end of the remedial classes a final assessment will be given. If he/she does not show required performance then the child may be admitted with the clear understanding the parents that the school would not be responsible for the progress of their child in Quran.


Urdu was not studied as Subject


  1. Exemption of Urdu test in all such cases where the family has shifted from abroad, and child had not studied Urdu in his/her school. It was accordingly decided that the child may be admitted even if he fails to clear the Urdu section of admission test, however, before start of session another test shall be taken to ensure whether the child has improved noticeably. If not, then his/her admission can be cancelled by school. The criterion to check noticeable improvement is as follows:


a)    If the child secures at least 30% marks in re-test, then he/she may receive admission.


b)    If the child secures minimum 20% marks in retest and his/her improvement is at least 100% from the marks obtained in the first admission test.





  1. Finalization of Admission


  1. The school Principal will forward his/her admission recommendations to the Project Director, as per schedule, in which the principal and school counselor (Interview Panelists) will make the recommendation list after a detailed discussion of each case.


  1. The decision of the Project Director will be final regarding admission of any child.


  1. Preference will be given to students whose brothers / sisters are already studying in the school. However, such preference will be available to him or her only if he / she clears the admission criteria, i.e., test and interview; regardless of the fact that he / she falls lower in the merit list.


  1. Admission fees payment
  1. After getting confirmation of admission, if the admission fee is not paid by the given deadline, the admission will be cancelled, and the seats will be offered to the candidate next in waiting.


  1. Induction of new students for Jr-III onwards during the session


  1. In case of any drop outs during the session, new admission will be allowed only for the first three months of commencement of the session, after which the seat would remain vacant. However, if any permanent teacher seeks admission for his / her ward, then the admission can be granted up to six months of the start of the session, after approval of the Principal.(This facility is only available, if the teacher applies within a month of his/her appointment).



  1. Withdrawal


  1. After completion of all admission formalities (including payment of fees), if the child fails to join the school and remains absent for more than two weeks without any intimation or permission, his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls and fees already paid will not be refunded, except the security deposit, will be allowed.


  1. In case the parents want cancellation of admission of child before start of the session, then only security deposit will be refunded. However, if seat vacated by the child is subsequently filled before start of the session then monthly fee (if paid) can also be refunded.


  1. In case the parents want cancellation of the admission during the session then only the security deposit will be refunded, after adjustment of the outstanding dues.


  1. If the child fails to join the school for two weeks of the month without any intimation and his name has been struck off from roll, the parents will pay additional charges of 25% of admission fee to re-admit their ward.