Frequently Asked Questions

Admission (2020-21)

Q1. What is your age criterion for admission?

Age Criteria

Jr-I 2y 6m – 3y 6m
Jr-II 3y 6m – 4y 6m
Jr-III 4y 6m – 5y 6m
C-I 5y 6m – 6y 6m
C-II 6y 6m – 7y 6m
C-III 7y 6m – 8y 6m
C-IV 8y 6m – 9y 6m
C-V 9y 6m – 10y 6m
C-VI 10y 6m – 11y 6m
C-VII 11y 6m – 12y 6m
C-VIII (SSC) 12y 6m – 13y 6m
C-VIII (CAMB) 12y 6m – 13y 6m
C-IX (CAMB) 13y 6m – 14y 6m


Q2. When does school session start?

Ans: Jr.I and Jr.II in April and Jr.III onwards in July.


Q3. Which examination board do you follow?

Ans: We follow integrated curriculum up to class VII, from class VIII onwards O Levels from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and SSC from Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), both are available.


Q4. Do you have transport system?

Ans: The school doesn’t have its own transport system, but contract vans are available for students.

Q5. What are the school timings?


School Timings


Monday to Thursday Junior I & Junior II 7:45 AM to 12:00 Noon
Monday to Thursday Junior III to Class X-SSC & XI Cambridge 7:45 AM to  1:40  PM
Friday Junior I to Class X-SSC & XI Cambridge 7:45 AM to 12:00  Noon


Q6. What are the criteria of fee concession?

Ans: We have limited seats on scholarship. Scholarship is granted by Ilm-o-Amal Trust to deserving students only after finalization of admission, subject to availability of funds.


Q7. What are the criteria of admission?

Ans: For Jr-I, only interview of child and parents; for Jr-II, there is oral test along with interview of child and parents; whereas for Jr-III onwards we have written test along with interview of child and parents.


Q8. What is the selection criterion?

Ans: We give admission totally on “Merit” considering the test and interview score.


Q9. Can parents visit the campus?

Ans: The orientation session and open house will be arranged in March 2020 for the parents of newly admitted students.


Q10. Do you have co-education or separate classes for boys/girls?

Ans: We have separate classes from Class Jr-I onwards.