The Knowledge City- Professional Development Center (TKC-PDC) has established by Ilm-o-AmalTrust in 2011. In its work and priorities, TKC-PDC provide practical learning platform for a wide range of participants.

Teacher education plays instrumental role in improving quality of education. In this age of competition, quality has to be managed strategically. Good institutions have well structured quality frameworks to make a range of decisions about their improvements. While a variety of tools are available to assess the quality of the education system and the potential of the institution.

In view of the above ground realities and inline priorities The Knowledge City set out quality indicators for teachers.

The Knowledge City engages teachers in the internal and external courses and also responsible to develop teachers’ professional profile in order to assess their professional qualities. The main focus of TKC-PDC is to ensure that teachers of Al-Hadi Academy maintain high level of competence and increase their abilities to cope with challenges and change. Professional growth is the key to make teachers learn and enhance their abilities.

Al-Hadi Academy with collaboration of The Knowledge City is improving teachers’ performance to give a high standard and the best learning environment to the students.

To-date TKC-PDC team has conducted several workshops to support teachers professionally and also conducted short courses as per school requirement