Tools For  Learners


Google Drive – allows you to work as a group and ensures that you’re always working on the latest version of your project.

Join Me – provides an easy way to create public or private meetings for class projects and discussions.

Notemesh – is a comprehensive overview of course material that allows users to add to existing notes or start a new section.

Voicethread – is a multimedia tool that holds images, documents, and videos, and allows users to leave comments using voice, text, audio or video.


Evernote – a searchable note taking tool that provides support for text, images, audio, tagging, and syncing.

Reframe It – creates a space for comments in the right margin of any web page.

Springpad – a notetaking app that also comes with an integrated to-do list and calendar.


Todoist – a to-do-list that allows you to create projects and add tasks to them.

TreePad Lite – A searchable personal database that allows you to store your notes, emails, texts and hyperlinks in one place.

Wridea – allows you to store and organize your ideas.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try Bamboo DiRT – a collection registry of digital research tools for scholarly work.