Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Courses
Generally speaking, how do online classes work?
How much time do online courses require?
How do I find online course listings so I can sign up?
When can I start a web-based course?
Can I withdraw from a web-based course?
Do I have to be admitted to WKU to take Web-based courses?
Is it possible to complete a degree completely online?
Paying For Your Courses
Will financial aid cover the cost of courses?
How do I apply for financial aid?
How much does it cost ?
What are the different types of tuition payment options available?
Advising Questions
Do I need advisement?
Yes, you should check with your academic advisor about the course you wish to enroll in.
Why do I need advisement?
How do I get advised?
What course should I take?
What do I have to do if I have an ATP hold or an advising hold?
Using University Resources
Do distance learners have access to university resources/services?
Where do I get my textbooks?
Where can I take my examinations?
How do I use the Library?
Technology Related Questions
Where can I find my username and password for my Blackboard and e-mail (Webmail) accounts?
How do I get my WKU ID number and PIN to use with TopNet? (TopNet contains student information, course registration, transcripts, financial aid notification, etc.)
Why do I need a WKU e-mail account?
What type of computer do I need to take online classes?
What type of software do I need to take online classes?