Please enclose the following:

  1. Four latest photographs (3.5 X 3 cm).
  2. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card of Father and Mother.
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate and Nadra B – form (Compulsory).
  4. Progress Report of last class attended (for Admission in Class-II onwards)

Instructions for Parents/Guardians:

  1. Fill in the form with black ink; the names shall be written in capital letters.
  2. Spelling should be same as written in B-From/Passport.


  1. Do not miss any category, if it is not applicable or related to you, then write N/A (i-e Not Applicable).


  1. Submit the completed form along with all the requisite documents within the given schedule. No form will be accepted after the deadline.


  1. Acceptance of application form only means that a child is eligible to apply for admission, and it does not guarantee admission.


  1. Admission shall be granted purely on merit determined on the basis of admission test and / or interview.


  1. Be punctual on the day/date of written test/interview. In case of any adverse circumstances inform the Principal and get prior permission for appearing at another date.


  1. After getting confirmation of admission, the admission fee shall be paid as per schedule; otherwise, the seats will be offered to next candidate in waiting.


  1. After admission if the child fails to join the school and remains absent for more than two weeks without permission, his/her name will be struck off from the school rolls, and no refund of fees already paid, except the Security Deposit, will be allowed.


  1. If the child is withdrawn after confirmation of admission, but before the start of session, then only the Security Deposit will be refunded.


  1. In case of submission of any fake document(s), the admission will be cancelled forthwith.


  1. Any form of misdeclaration will disqualify the child at any stage of schooling.



Please note that canvassing or approaching any Trustee, Member Managing Committee or Administration for admission will automatically disqualify the candidate.